The internet's slow, but I'll give it a go.....

Just thought I'd mention that I have just hit over the 10, 000 visitor mark and just hit 50 followers - Thank you ever so much, I never thought when I started blogging that anyone would want to come along for the ride - and you're still with me even after the stabbing incident - thankyou! Woohooo.

Okay - I have another thankyou - for Bonnie from my Sassy Blinging Babes - I got her parcel today! First up Amber is going to flip when she sees the lollies - would you believe there are lolly Krabby Patties!!! Check it out!Then there are the gorgeous recipe cards!!

The time and effort that has gone into these cards is just amazing and beautiful! There are so many good recipes - I'll deffinately be investing in some plastic sleeves for them, so they don't get damaged!

Now for something funny - part of our challenge is to blog about some useless or stupid inventions - I personally would like to add my peg basket. It's just a run of the mill metal-covered-in-plastic type that hangs on your line - well the dork that created it forgot that pegs go in it and made the little wires to far apart, so the pegs fall out of it all the time! What's the point of a peg basket that doesn't hold pegs!! Here are some Japanese inventions:
I guess if you're shopping and have your hands full this could be an option - NOT!

I don't know about you, but this could make storing watermelons so much easier! Now I just need: apples, pears, cucumbers, pumpkin and potatos all cubed and we're set!Multi-tasking at it's best - Sophia can polish while I scrap.....

Just so you can keep the smurfs dry in the rain!!

This is straight from the book of Japanese Inventions - Ear Extenders. Sounds like something out of Harry Potter. Now you can never complain of not hearing anything ever again - you could hear them thinking up the next mad invention over in Japan right there in your own padded cell.

The world truly is an amazing place...


  1. Got to hand it to the Japanese....they come up with some of the darn strangest inventions EVER!

  2. Those were the funniest photos! I really need the baby suit/duster! And the umbrellas for my shoes! How classy!


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