I'm baaaaack...

Today was a bit of a catch-up day - you know, unpacking, washing mountains of clothes and getting the girls settled back in to their routines. Okay so I'll start at the beginning of my reunion-day. We all got to meet at the Lions Park so the kids could play and we could all meet each other again. To me most of the people hadn't changed that much - it's been 14 years. We've all just got a little chubbier, had a few kids and either married or split up. It was funny watching people trying to remember names - I was a Catherine for a short while, another girl was a Sharon - what a hoot! Some of the guys though had lost their hair and were completely unrecognisable behind sunglasses! It was amazing to see the kids, some of them were perfect minatures of their parents. One of my friends had had a little boy one day before I had Sophia! So we put the pair of them together for a chat. Other people surprised me by telling me that they absolutely loved our little home town, when I specifically remember them being so mad that their parents had dumped them there so many years ago in grade 8! It was great to see what everyone's jobs turned out to be, knowing what they wanted and studied for back in school. We also had BBQ sausages in bread and the kids got bags with chips and lollies in them. We all chatted for a few hours and them returned home - Amber got bored and Sophia needed a sleep. The evening fun started at 6pm at the Bowls Club - we all straggled in and met even more old faces that hadn't been at the park in the morning. I did a lot of catching up with my old school group - we haven't seen each other since Jas and I left town. Here's a photo of us all during the night:I'm not sure how many ended up arriving, but we were supposed to have 120 - I'm in pink. I ended up calling it a night around 10pm. Jas and I started to say our goodbyes and then I found some more people to talk to - I was having a lot of fun, but knew I had to go as we had the long drive ahead of us the next day.

Here are some photos of the trip home:
And a funny photo of Sophia in her "bath" - we had to use the kitchen sink as mum just has a shower in her bathroom. It was so funny, she would lie back with her toes on one side and her arm resting on the other side!

Cheeky little monkey - I'll be able to embarrass her when she's 21!

The trip home was uneventful - but very long. The girls didn't sleep much as it was daytime the whole way. We visited with my MIL & FIL - it was really weird not having our Jess come and greet us. Amber got to run about with the chooks though and Sophia had a play inside and her lunch. Then we were on our way again. It's deffinately easier travelling at night when they sleep - even if you do see kangaroos!


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip!

  2. Glad to hear you got there and back safe and sound. I hear you about reunions...mine is a couple of weeks 21 years but I can't go. I would love to see some of these people just to see if their lives turned out the way they had hoped...it is interesting to see how people change over the years.

  3. glad you had a good time but even more glad to have you back!


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