I saw an Angel.. of that I'm sure...

Well after coping another migraine yesterday, I relaxed and stayed away from the computer yesterday and today. I decided that I would try some scrapping - more of Sophia's album.
Black Bazzill is so hard to scan - but it is black - it's actually as black as the photo IRL which helps the photo flow better in the layout. Here is our little angel, barely an hour old. She'd just had her first bath and was having Daddy time while I was still in recovery. My mum snapped this gorgeous photo - I've actually edited it so you just see Sophia and Jason's hands holding her. Sophia hated being bundled up, she had to have her hands free all the time - little Houdini she was, always found a way to get out of her wraps! I just love how this shows how small Sophia's hands are against her Daddy's. Here's some closeups:

You can see how the photo blends seamlessly with the Bazzill in this photo! I also stitched lines along the water punched pp, and added some sparkle with these swirls. I used my CM circle cutter to cut the circles.

This shows how I raised the first half of the title on 3D foam tape. I printed the words out first on my computer - the font is CK Allie. The rest of the title is sparkly silver lettering and I added 3D wings that I trimmed from some stickers I have. They stick on one end and sit up from the paper.


Ashley said...

As always...absolutely amazing layout!

Whimsical Creations said...

How pretty!! You did a fabulous job! =D