Getting in early for Mother's Day...

The second installment of my parental tribute - this one is of course for my mum and why not - it's Mother's Day tomorrow. A day where we should all thank our mothers for going through torture just to get us here - yep I can now sympathise and can't believe mum did it 3 times "what were you thinking woman!!!". Moving along - I just wanted to say thankyou to my mum for being my friend, for being on the other end of the phone when I wanted to talk - or when Amber wants to talk - for teaching me that it's okay to be "uncool" cause we're the mum and it's our gosh darn right to shame our kids, wrap them in cotton wool and never let them out of our sight. Thankyou for passing on your creative talents - pity I didn't get the cooking gene too - I'm totally lost without a box. My mum can throw anything together and it becomes a culinary masterpiece - me I use paper - meh, less calories. Thankyou for all your help when I had my girls - it's a bit trickyer now that we live so far away, but that just makes holidays more fun! Thankyou for being my mum & my best friend xoxo
The black line is not in the original layout - it's simply there to define the edge of the white card. I chose blue for this layout - cause it's my mum, and my favourite colour. My mum is also a wonderful gardener, so I wanted to feature lots of pretty flowers in the same colour theme. The butterfly on this layout was given to me by mum (there's also a tutorial for them).

This first closeup shows how I used my threading water punch to create the edge of the Bazzill. I then used my sewing machine to sew around the edge - mum is also known for sewing - she made us school uniforms once - oh and my bloomers for the school musical! I added some bling swirls - every girl loves a bit of bling!

I know mum grows Gerberas in her garden, so I wanted to add one here. Just another view of the butterfly - I actually stitched it to the layout, as tape doesn't seem to hold the butterflies too well.You can see here I added some small leaves and the center of the flowers are blue and white brads. The pp came with the tiny dots already on it, and they shine a little. There are two lines of stitching running along the blue cardstock too.
So there you are mum - your very own special page, with garden! I love you heaps, will talk to you tomorrow - if Amber lets me. All my love hugs and kisses xoxoxoxox


  1. Awesome layout! Happy Mother's Day Sarah from NYC!

  2. That is such a beautiful page I should really do one about my mom. Our relationship is on an upswing at the moment so now would be the time lol I still am in love with your little butterflies

  3. Holy cow, your pages are awesome!! I wish my scrapbooks looked half as good.


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