A cake for Autumn and some goodies in the mail!

Amber started her Grade 3 exams on Tuesday and I thought since we didn't get to bake on Mother's Day (to busy creating), I would make her the cake as a surprise treat when she got home from school. She was starting to get a little stressed about the exams - I did the same at school. It didn't matter if I knew my stuff or not, I still stressed and spent a good part of the exam just sitting and staring out the window wishing I was somewhere else! So I thought I would have a nice stress free afternoon tea with Amber when she got home.
I used my ring tin for the cake and iced it with chocolate icing. Then I sprinkled on little lollies that are the shape and colour of Autumn leaves. Perfect since that's the season at the moment! I added a little whipped cream to Amber's treat and she loved it! She said it looked like a giant donut!

Then today, I got a parcel in the mail. Jason walked into the office where I was studying and asked me if I was expecting mail - I thought it was from Rhonda - the next installment of my beautiful friends recipe cards. But no! it wasn't, it was from Courney. I had recieved the rest of the Easter ATCs from my babes!! Oh and they are so pretty IRL - scanning and posting just doesn't do our art justice. The wonderful surprise was - Courtney sent me treats!!! I couldn't believe it. Check this out.....

Look at those PEEPS!!! I even got bunnies, now you see where I got my ATC idea from:

Do you see the orange bunnies in the photo above - that's what I recreated in my ATC! Complete with little brown eyes and nose! Woohoo - Amber is going be stoked! Then on top of getting the peeps I get flowers, a little chipboard album, stamps, stickers, letters and bottle caps!!! Thank you so much Courtney - you're a sweety. I've never tried bottle caps on a layout! Oh and here are the gorgeous ATCs:

All the sparkles, and tiny details - Rhonda's little chick has little head feathers! Candace & Dani's are 3D and Kristy's is on acetate! (Top left). I've really gotta think of a way to display these beautiful creations!! Thanks again Courtney.


Maggi a.k.a. Katamommy said...

Those ATCs are awesome! I love your Peeps one!

Ashley said...

Ick...exams always stressed me out too. No matter if I knew my stuff or not, I'd freak out. Awesome looking cake though!