Bad Blogger....

Okay so I didn't fall off the edge of the world - I've just been very busy. Basically doing as much study as the girls will allow.

Amber is in the middle of exams right now - they are the NAPLAN exams, and so far she is doing really well. Some of her stories really amaze me, she has such a good imagination! One of them was about 2 tractors that a farmer had neglected, so they flattened the farmers house. The farmer got the hint, fixed the tractors and rang a builder to fix his house. Yesterday she wrote about a magic box. It had a baby seat, and a normal seat and a steering wheel. Amber drove Sophia to the baby park in their magic box. They played and then returned home where she hid the magic box until next time. All this from a picture that they're given. Today she has a reading exam. I know she'll ace it, Amber loves to read, and has now taken to borrowing long chapter books from the school library. She was given some really good ones for her birthday and is making her way through them.

Sophia is a little ball of chatting energy. She's constantly rolling or bouncing herself madly in the bouncer. She's making all sorts of sounds and sometimes even tells us off. When I feed her her fruit now, she clamps onto the end of her spoon with her gums and frowns, it's so funny. Sophia actually had potato and gravy with us a couple of nights ago - she eats her veges better than Amber!

Jas is currently on nightshift, he's been off work for a few days due to a nasty bout of Sinus and his usual Annual cold/flu flareup. So lots of rest for him.

And I've been busy studying or creating layouts to stay up to date. I don't want to get behind, because I just don't have the time to catch up. I've been taking the girls for walks in the afternoon which is really nice. Amber and I get to catch up on what she doing at school and anything else she wants to talk about, while Sophia plays with her toys or snoozes in the pram.

Well my chocolate cake is ready - I'm baking it for Amber as a treat for all the hard work she's doing in her exams. We didn't get to bake it on Mother's Day as planned because we were too busy creating other things. The house smells so good.....

I also wanted to add that I have been given this award by Cheryl over at
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Ashley said...

WOW! Sounds like you have been busy! Hope Amber does well on her exams!

Tali G said...

Wow sounds like a typical week with kids ;) Hope Amber does well on her exams...mine start exams tomorrow.

Maggi a.k.a. Katamommy said...

I'm sure Amber will do great!