We have arrived...

After a nine hour trip we made to mum & dad's in one piece - just. About half way there we hit a skippy. It was a little one, it bounded out of the bush infront of an oncoming car, they hit the skids and the skippy flung around under the wheel and was spat out into our car. Imagine hitting a speed bump at 100km - that's what it was like! Then there was the hot tyre smell - piew! Another car stopped behind us - thankfully they didn't go through us, and checked that we were okay. They dragged the kangaroo off the road so no one else ran over it. After that the trip was uneventful - but arduous. It was dark by this time, and we were on high alert for more skippys. I read most of the way, Amber knitted, and Sophia slept, chatted and slept. All in all the girls did really well for such a long trip. We left at 12 lunch, and got to mum's at just after 9pm. Poor Sweeps didn't make it to the cat motel - they were shut when we went to drop her off, so she has to stay at home and one of our friends is looking after her. We've already been to the shops and met some old friends, they were delighted with Sophia and amazed at Amber's age and height. Well I must go, my brother just arrived home from work, so I have some catching up to do....

This is Sophia in her paint shirt, just before we left - she was helping me to make Mother's Day gifts for my mum and MIL. I forgot to get a photo of her little painted hand though!

It's no Vista, but the sun setting and the wide spanse of clouds reminded me just how big the sky looks when you leave the city! The colours and wide open spaces are just beautiful. Amber and I watched the clouds change colour from reds, oranges, pinks and purples to blue's yellows and greys. We also marvelled and all the stars and constellations we could see and name when night finally came - I even got to show Amber the milky way. I'm a bit of a star gazer and really miss being able to use my telescope properly in the city. Amber taught me all about the southern cross and the archer and how you can always find east with them!


  1. WOW! That's one amazing Vista! Have fun! (By the way...I got the bunny in the mail! He's so cute! Thanks again!)

  2. beautiful photos and you've been tagged http://rebos2003.blogspot.com/2009/04/crazy-eights.html

  3. Good you're all okay after that skippy incident.

    Sophia has grown! She's such a cutie.

    No matter the distance, it's always nice to feel the warmth of your family's home. I miss mine back home :(

    Enjoy your weekend!!!


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