Waste not want not....

Once you are bitten by the altering bug, there's no cure. So everything that I see - boxes, containers, ribbons anything that can be used again is a possibility! Now Sophia has formula milk and I wondered what I could do with the empty tins - I found my answer. I made a neat little cover to go over the tin that would hold all sorts of bits and pieces! I have seen these bucket covers at Mitre 10 for builders and just knew I could make something smaller and cuter! Here it is:I used all sorts of material that I've had stored for years now - my favourite is Debbie Mumm. Then I pulled out my trusty clear jelly bean plastic that was last seen used in Amber's school bag cover. I made a blue insert with a cushion base (I cringe when I hear pencils dropped), and the outside is like a little apron with clear pocket! This is the same on the front and back of the cover. Now Amber's homework tools are all in the one place! You could use a paint can as well, which would then have a handle that you could decorate with ribbons. Considering I had no pattern for this I am so happy with how it turned out!

Now for some more fun - Sophia eating her first food (Farex, baby cereal)

It was so funny she actually sounded like she said "more". I couldn't believe how easy it was to feed Sophia, I thought for sure she would just spit it all out, but she ended up eating quite a bit!


  1. I love your bucket, Sarah! And Sophia is so cute!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is absolutely adorable! I wish I had some talent! :) And your kiddos are super cute!

  3. What a great idea to repurpose the things we have hanging around!
    Stopped by from SITS.

  4. Totally wicked awesome bucket! It looks so cute!

  5. Sophia is so cute! I love that little yellow bouncer you have her in!

    Fantastic bucket!


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