A tree full of chicks....

Amber and I baked today - since it's nearly Easter we decided on Chick cupcakes! They have banana wings, jelly bean beaks and gold and white 100's & 1000's for feathers!We used original sized cupcakes and tiny cupcakes (for the heads), then we coloured them up with vanilla icing that we tinted yellow.Then the fun bit - adding the lollies! Don't you love my Easter bowls? I got them at a dollar shop - I was actually going to fill them will scrapping goodies, but lollies was the next best thing! At some point the tally was 3 bananas for Amber and 1 for the chick.... Oh and we used some chocolate coated lollies for the eyes

Oh look, they flapped their little banana wings and flew into a tree - and look, they have jelly bean nests full of chocolate eggs!!
And a close up of one of our chicks - Amber did a really good job, I had to help with the icing as it was quite tricky - even for me! You can also make bunnies like this - just add some ears and colour the icing pink or blue! You can also use coconut sprinkled on the icing for "feathers", but Amber doesn't like coconut so that's why we went with 100's & 1000's.


  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    I just LOVE your blog!!
    OMG there is so much to look at!!! I lvoe all your little blinkies and things, especially the twilight ones....
    Shhh I lvoe Twilight too, but im all for Jacob!! I run with the wolf pack!!! LMAO, how corny hey!!! Ah, its all good fun!!

  2. These are just adorable! I love treats like this...little kiddy works of edible art:-) Your blog is incredible and I could spend the day here. I am in awe at the things you have made.
    Smiles, Suzanne

  3. Those are just too cute! Almost too cute to eat!

  4. These are very cute!! :) Looks like she had fun working on them, too.

    Just dropping by from SITS! ;)

  5. OMG those are too cute, and look delish.

  6. Wow those are fantastic cupcakes! I am going to have to start learning the "cooking/baking" thing so that I can do this sort of stuff with Liam.

    You're making me feel a little inadequate as a mom, lol!


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