Starting Sophia's Album at the Beginning...

I've been doing layouts of Sophia for a little bit now, but haven't started her first layouts, you know the ones of her being born, in hospital, coming home - that sort of thing? Well, now she has her own album, I'm starting at the beginning. I really wanted to get the journalling side of the scrapping done, because as time goes on I'm going to forget things. I've written pregnancy journals for both of my girls - Amber's is huge as I was at home all the time, where as Sophia's is more sporadic and only really has information on major events. Either way, I have them, and will be transferring them to a DVD disc that will be put in both of their albums - Sophia's will also have all her 3D & 4D ultrasound pictures and video. Luckily I had a video of Amber when I was 18weeks pregnant with her so I'll have to find a way to get it put on DVD so it lasts. So without further ado here is the beginnng:The black outline is not part of the layout - it's simply there to show the layout edges because it's a white page. I just had to scrap the two most beautiful lines ever made. I created the journalling box, the arrows and the little frame around the HPT. I turned the ribbon over to create curls and fastened them with brads. I also added some little dots of Stickles to the dotted pp for sparkle. I've also include my earliest scans of Sophia - taken at 10 weeks, it was a dating scan to see is she was there - and thank gosh she was, her little twinkling heart was very clear - and the sonographer even showed us her "packed lunch" the yolk sac.

This closeup shows the flowers better and the ribbon curls.

This was the day Sophia was born - the most amazing day of my life! All the doctor kept saying was "you're doing well" and I'm like "I'm not doing a thing, just laying here waiting for my princess!" Just so you know the daisy's (Amber's choice) arn't on my actual layout, they are simply there to give Sophia modesty. I also had the photos printed in b/w so that they wouldn't look so graphic. She was a little squeeler, not at all happy to be out in a cold room with nothin' on! I journalled this layout on the computer because of the amount of journalling, I thought it would look neater and fit better printed. Both of the layouts were inspired by layouts that I have seen at 2Peas.

And since Amber and I were having a pizza and scrap night (Jas is in the city with the boys from work) Amber also made a layout on her trip to Dreamworld
Everything you see here was done by Amber - I let her go on her own this time, trimming, cutting, everything. She used a Page Map for inspiration and ideas. (Oh and her pencil lines have now been erased) This photo was actually taken over 2 years ago - Amber loved that Patrick stole her hat and put it way up on his head.
Well now I'm off to watch telly with my girl - Sophia is sound asleep....


  1. Awesome layouts Sarah! Amber did a wicked awesome job too! You have a totally talented little scrapper!

  2. Beautiful layouts of Sophia! Amber is turning into one talented scrapper. She learned from the best. :)

  3. sweetness! i love that u are in to storytelling! thats my kind of scrapper! psssst! lightroom lets u download it 3 times b4 the 30 day trial actually runs out. tee hee.
    dont feel bad they only do it to get you hooked and it works.


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