So it's Sunday...

Yep it's that time of the week again, where I try to summarise all that has gone on in our little house for the past week.

I'll start with Jas - nursing a rather nasty head cold/sinus stuffup/hangover - he's kind of hibernating when he can. He's also diligently organising some super cds for us all to listen to for the trip up home - it's a 700km (approx) drive with a few stops, so listening to Hannah Montanah or the Doodlebops would have driven me off a cliff! So Jas is in charge of that. He's also getting back into finishing the outside of the office now that it's cooled down outside some. He also got to catch up with a bunch of council workers yesterday as they came to lock our sewer lid - they should have done this 2 years ago before we spent time and money to build a pit around it to stop our backyard and house becoming contaminated - that's in a whole nother post.....

I've been busy sewing up a storm - bucket covers, tooth holders, layouts - if it's not nailed down I'll sew it into something! I also made some mother's day gifts for Amber's stall at school and I started at the beginning of Sophia's album and scrapped her hospital pics. I've also finished the Twilight series and am getting back to reading my Jodi Picoult books - 19 minutes - which my BFF Amy says is a goody!

Amber is having fun at school, showing of yet another of my creations - a pencil holder for her diary. It has two purposes, to hold a pencil and her place in the diary. The teachers usually just issue rubberbands, but they get old and yucky so I came up with my own idea! Amber also lost her tooth, an eye tooth. It basically just fell out it was that ready to go! She got $2 and spent it on makeup (ah crap she's growing up)

Sophia has progressed from just wiggling around to actually rolling onto her tummy and back again. She's happy for a little bit and then get's cranky if she forgets to roll onto her back again. She's putting everything in her mouth, but there are still no teeth yet. Sophia is also eating Farex baby cereal and lately enjoys Pear & Banana puree. It's really quite sweet so I'm going to try and make my own now that I know she likes it. Oh and I have Jason & Amber as a witness - Sophia says "mum" and what we believe to be "Ammmmba", Jas actually heard it and said "can we class that as her first word?" I just figured she was trying out her "mm" sound again.


  1. WOW! Sounds like a totally busy week!

  2. Sarah~your the busiest person I know....If Sophia is really talking..then she MUST be brilliant...let us know if Jas calls the media and you go on a world wide tour with your talking 5 month old.

  3. Sounds like a great week...well except the cold thing. I love your book marker for the journal, great idea.


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