Raspberries, Jelly Beans & Felt Bunnies....

The weather took a turn for the worse yesterday - we got dumped on by massive amounts of rain, that flooded the backyard (again) and cause the council to come out (again) and assess the situation. Pity Jas wasn't home because they applauded his reno jobs and said that it was totally unfair that we had to create drains and catchment areas to prevent sewer water getting on our property (yes it's unfair, now send our refund cheque to *****) They even took photos and came up with a solution - completely remove Jason's handy work and bolt down the lid - apparently they are happy with the lake/fountain setup across the road, and say it's better that than having it in our backyard. Hmm, I'm sure our neighbours would agree (not!) Yes a sewer lake & fountain is a unique attraction to our street, but not a very healthy one - bring your toilet paper and gumboots kids, we're going to have some fun ?!??!
So with all this happening outdoors, what was I doing indoors - sewing. It's fantastic sewing weather at the moment, and since I haven't done much since returning to work full time, now that I'm on maternity leave it's all come back to me! First I made a raincoat for Amber's school bag - there is nothing worse than a soggy bag, so I popped down to Spotlight and bought some of that decorative plastic that you use to cover your picnic tables - this is what I made:

(I've blurred the school emblem) Now Amber's bag and bag decorations are safe from all this rain we're getting. See in Australian schools our bags are all out in the open (well in the lower grades at least), our classrooms all have verandahs along the front and our bags sit out on benches, so they get really damp through the day, then there's the walking to and from the car. So I invented the bag rain coat. Amber thinks the jelly beans are cool - they match her apron!

Now for something cute, I found this idea over at: http://www.allsorts.typepad.com/ You can get the pattern from there and then start creating (I {heart} felt!)

Amber requested I put eyes on the bunny, they arn't actually part of the pattern. I also changed the ribbon to green ric-rac (they were all out of green ribbon at Spotlight!) The flower is felt with a pearl bead in the center. Isn't she cute - I made 4 of them! They are small enough that you could sew a safety pin to the back and wear it. (the bunny is 9cm or 3.5 inches long)

Now the fun part - I'm going to give one of these bunnies away! All you have to do - between now & April 11th - is leave me a message that you would like my bunny, and then for every visit you make to my blog, (and you leave a comment), I will add your name to the Easter Basket - the more times I add your name, the more chances you have of winning! She'll be a little Easter Gift from me to you!

And for your viewing enjoyment - some raspberries:


  1. The Rain coat is a great idea!!!

    Visiting from SITS!

  2. Cool rain idea! You are so creative. Now I have to have that bunny that is so cool!

  3. Wicked awesome school bag cover! Love the jelly beans! Love the bunny too! He's wicked cute! Total Alice in Wonderland, follow the white rabbit!

  4. Sophia is a doll. I love watchin' babies with the hick ups!
    Cool rain cover.

  5. I love that bunny! Great rain coat!

  6. The bag cover is a great idea! I bet you get some parents that beg you for one! lol I would love your bunny! Have a great Friday!

  7. I love the little bunny and the rain coat for the bag is fabulous! What a great idea!

  8. Wow you are a craft goddess...the bag cover is very clever and the bunny way to cute.

    Sorry about the flooding hope you get that fixed soon.


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