It's like Christmas!

I have been getting so many wonderful things in my mailbox lately - here's what I got:

I won a Creative Memories photo keeper from Melissa, and she also sent her three recipe cards and a gorgeous Pasanky Egg for our Easter ATC swap! And Kristy sent a beautiful card for my birthday - it's so pretty with the paisley pattern and my favourite colour blue!
Then today I got more mail:

These recipe cards are from Cyndi - they are so pretty with touches of bling and the most pretty pp - it reminds me of Debbie Mumm.

And you'll never guess what else! I'm so excited. My friend Candace (the sweetie) sent me some PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I can't wait for Amber to get home from school to show her. We can't get these in Australia - I even tried ordering them through a specialty confectionary shop (they didn't bother getting back to me!) I made my own bunny peeps for my Easter ATCs but I've only seen pictures of them, I've never tasted them! Oh here's a picture:

Look at them in all their sugary cuteness! They are little marshmellow chicks! Thank you so much Candace! I totally wasn't expecting this, you have deffinately brightened mine - and Amber's day! Oh I love my mailbox at the moment! (Only cause the bills come to the house box now - so I only get good things at the box in town!)


Ashley said...

Peeps rock! Oh they sugar filled fun you'll have!

Candace said...

Oh no! They look melted, though! I was so worried that since it was summer there that they would be melted by the time they got to you! :(

Katamommy said...

Awesome mail! You are going to love those Peeps, they are y-u-m-m-y!

The Blonde Duck said...

What great sussies!