I'm a Fairy Godmother....

Yes you heard right - I'm too young to be a Godmother, so I'm a Fairy Godmother! Today was my BFF's son's christening, he absolutely loved having water poured over his head! He just laid back and relaxed, it was so cute. I am so proud and honored to have been asked to be Austin's Godmother - I feel very special! I would have had photos - if I had remembered my camera! I thought about it half way to the church. Amber decided to come to church prepared today and asked me if I could get her a Bible. So off I trekked to the book store yesterday in search of a Bible that she would be able to read - Amber is a great reader, but the passages in the Bible may be a bit confusing for her age. So I found a gorgeous book, full of brightly coloured pictures and easy to read stories from the Bible. Amber told me she was going to read it while she was in church - it's currently on the end of her bed with a bookmark in it, as she works her way through each story. Sophia did really well, blowing raspberries and keeping her daddy amused while mummy was busy.

Now for a layout - no I haven't given up scrapping, just trying to fit every creative thought I get lately into each day - most of them are sewing. But today I scrapped Amber and my Earth Hour fun:

This layout idea came from an April Page Maps sketch. I've doodled around all the papers edges, and I trimmed a bling circle to fit around my paper pieced world

This was originally a complete circle of crystal scallops. (Shown below)

I separated each scallop and placed them around the world with a single crystal between each. This helped the scallops to fit around the circle better. I created the paper pieced world myself - no it's not to scale. I also added some staples around the edge of the pp - for texture. I really wanted the pp and photos to stand out against the black Bazzill - just like candles in a dark room. The pp also came with spakles on the paisley prints.


  1. Congrats on being a Fairy Godmother! I remember having one of those storybook style Bibles when I was a kid. Great layout too!

  2. So glad you visited my blog today, I have thoroughly enjoyed yours!! Adorable girlies and Congrats on being a Fairy Godmother!!
    ♥ Teresa

  3. Another beautiful layout, love the circle of sparkle.

    Congrats on the Fairy Godmother! Sounds like a great day!

  4. Woohoo, Congratulations to you! Fabulous LO, and I love that you cut the bling to fit the shape, I never think outside the box like that.


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