The cutest little Tooth Pillow...

Here is the little tooth pillow that I made Amber tonight. She lost her tiny eye tooth earlier in the day and wanted me to make a special pillow to put it in. I found a picture of one on Google Images quite a while back, and that's what Amber saw today and asked me to make.

Our little tooth pillow is made of felt, blanket stitched around the edge. I used pink felt to make a flower and added a pearl bead to the centre, then cut a green leaf. She has black beads for eyes and I used a pink pencil to create her cheeks. On the back is a tiny heart shaped pocket for Amber's tooth - it's in there, just a little hard to see. Now Amber has somewhere safe for her tooth!


  1. this is so cute! i need to brush up on my sewing skills!what a great mom u are!

    my cpde to poist this is focky sometimes i get the weirdest ones!


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