An A-Z of Me

This is a challenge for our Journalling/Blogging Group - it's like an encyclopedia of us, all of the following words are what make ME! So here we go - words are in no particular order:
A - aunty, arty farty, Amber, altered, Australia, angel baby, astronomy
B - baking, blue, bookworm, bunnies
C - crafty, cat, childcare, children, chocolate, cross-stitch, CSI, computers, c-section
D - decopage (3D), dog, depression, dance, decorator, diary, driving, dreams
E - egg (intolerance), eager, easy going, entertaining, ever after
F - funny, friends, foreign language, family, february, filling (none)
G - god mother, gracious, grumblebum, girly, girl guide, gardening
H - Harry Potter, husband, html, hot headed
I - infertility, indisisive, invisible, impatient
J - jigsaws, journalling
K - knock knees
L - lollies, loud, lemonaide, latenights
M - married, mum, music, mysterious, morning person (NOT), migraines, medication
N - notebooks, noodles, New Zealand, NCIS, non-smoker
O - overweight
P - PSP, photography, piano, peppermint, pink, phobia (frogs)
Q - quilting
R - roudy, random, reliable, recycle, renew, rollerblades, romantic, renovator
S - scribble, Sarah-Leigh, sings (in car), silly, smile, sewing, stationary, sleep, soul mate, Sophia, summer, shy, scrapper, Star Wars
T - tantrum, typical, touch type, tree climber, Twilight, teddy collector, trauma
U - U.F.O
V - vixen (HO HA Laugh!!) I had to put something! Just checking if you're still reading!
W - wife, wizard, Wii Fit, water, wisdom teeth (removed)
X - x-rays (way to many)
Y - yakking, yelling, yellow (I can be a scaredy cat)
Z - zealous


Blunt Delivery said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I am OBSESSED with scrapbooking, so i'm sure i'll be over here alot~!!!

cute blog

Ashley said...

Awesome A-To-Z! It's all about the wordplay!

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

That is a cool meme! And your little girl is adorable. Reminds me of my baby girl. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to get to know you better.

The Blonde Duck said...

This is cute!

Tali G said...

awesome list the vixen :)

Melissa said...

that looks like it took forever I have to give it a try...I see a mini book in our futures lol

Millie said...

I am constantly looking to improve my journaling. Would you share the journaling blog that you used for this exercise?

Mommy2Liam said...

I love your list!