Would you live in Australia?

When I first moved to Australia from New Zealand (all those years ago - 1984), I was warned to always wear shoes outside, always tell my mum where I was going, don't play in long grass cause there's snakes, koalas are called Drop Bears and fall out of trees on unsuspecting bush walkers and kangaroo's jump out of the bush infront of cars for recreation (okay so the last two, I've learned later in life) any-who - I didn't think I would have to worry about indoors. Fast forward from childhood to now, and all I get is spiders, geckos, frogs and snakes - inside! Thankfully I haven't had to deal with frogs in the house, but there's a big gigantic granddaddy of a frog who has moved into the airconditioner out in the carport - right next to the bins! And the snake, thankfully wasn't in my house, but we found won travelling it's way across the floor of the bathroom in my kindy room! But the Geckos and spiders - yep they're at my house. I don't mind the odd Gecko, but they seem to have let their families know that I'm a friendly sort and that it's safe to reside behind pictures, cupboards and in the drapes and curtains. Cue a slight scream while vacuuming the other day cause the little monster dropped out of said curtain onto my foot before scampering away. Oh and for those unaccustomed to Geckos - here's a pic:

This little guy is about 10cm - he's clinging to my cornice. They're great for catching moths and small insects and hang around the lights outside. It's when they come in and run about the place that's starting to bother me! Then there's this guy:

I mean seriously!! Do they have to come indoors! There is plenty of outdoors to play in. This guy was about 10cm wide too, at the doorway to my kitchen. He's a Huntsman. Totally harmless until they jump at you and scare you into running around the house in your nightie trying to find a book to throw at him! They're fast too, so the book didn't work to start with (having 8 eyes probably works in their favour). He looks totally evil cause his eye glint with the flash! Ick! I don't even live in the bush, I live in the suburbs, I don't want to meet the wildlife unless it's out the car window or behind glass in the zoo! No I'm not a nature girl. I'm happy with my temperamental cat, the wildlife can go to Haiti!

Okay and since it's Monday I have a new Phrase for you: have you ever heard the term "Codswallop" as in "what a load of Codswallop!", well someone by the name of Hiram Codd used to put a glass marble in the neck of glass bottles that housed softdrink. When the bottle was shaken the pressure from the fizz cause the marble to sit against the glass creating a seal. Thus the word Codd bottle was created. A Wallop is an old slang term for beer which is also stored in a glass bottle - the two words Codd & Wallop were then merged. Who knew!?


Ashley said...

AWWWWWW!!!!!!!I kinda wish I lived in a place that had geckos (not so much that monster of a spider...that thing's ugly!)...beats the fishsticks out of the vermin that come visit us in New York.

Ria said...

Oh, I don't mind living Down Under but sans those creepy crawlers! They give me the hibbie-gibbies...hehehehe.

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Tammy said...

I would love to live in Australia but uuuhhhhh...there is no way I could live with that spider in my house!! Gives me chills just looking at it on the computer. Eeewww!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me your lovin'!! Hope you'll come back!!

Katamommy said...

Wow, that is amazing! My mum-in-law is Australian and although I knew that the "friendly" wildlife in Australia, had no idea it was like this! lol Thanks for visiting my blog, I was reading your profile and we have so many of the same faves! (I love Meet the Robinsons! lol) I'll be visiting again real soon, have a great day!

Rhonda said...

I know what you mean about the creepy things you find...here in Arizona, you never know what you will find..it's been many years since finding a rattle snake in the yard (he eventually wound up in my freezer, without his head, and I finally hauled him to the dump last year) Big nasty hairy spiders are a nearly weekly occurance, and scorpions all the time! Do I like it? NO...Am I used to it? sadly YES
I don't bother taking pictures, I want them dead immediately, although the kids video taped a big Wolf spider killing a scorpion once, and that was pretty interesting.

The Blonde Duck said...

I like the little gecko!

Tali G said...

I guess you have to pay for the warmth and beauty some how :)