A wonderful visit...

I have the most wonderful visit from my brother today! He was down in Brisbane with a couple of friends and thought he would pop in for a visit. I got to see his new car and Sophia got to drool and chat to him for a while! Here's a piccy:Yes Amber couldn't help but ham it up for the camera! Note Piglet even had to make an appearance. Our visit was quite short because Nick's friends had to be somewhere and he was the driver, but it was great all the same! That's the had thing about living so far away from my family - I don't get to see them much, but I love even the shortest visits.

On another note, we are currently bracing for a cyclone, it's supposed to cross the coast in a day or so - right where Jason's parents live! I hope they stay safe. If it crosses any lower then we are going to cop some big rain! Will keep you posted.


  1. Yikes Sarah! I hope you guys and your family stay safe!

  2. It is terribly hard for families to be seperated by long distances. I'm so glad your brother stopped by.

    Stay safe I will be thinking about ya'll.

  3. Glad to hear you had a great visit. Here is hoping that all is well on the weather front.


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