What the?!?!?!?

Okay I never thought that I would have this problem - cause I have a girl. And I never thought that I would have to deal with icky smells and bizarre "things" hidden in obscure places - cause I have a girl. But then I found this:

I was happily culling out all the toys that Amber no longer uses, or you know those silly toys you get from McIckys and Hungry's - when I found it - this offensive little baggy of god-knows-what! Oh and let me tell you, the smell! Good god I think I passed out unconcious for a good few seconds after that mistake! I thank goodness that it's in a ziploc bag and it's made good on it's promise to "seal in the freshness", cause nothing leaked. I swear that baggy has it's own civilization going on in there in full technicolour, and texture. Do you remember the episode in the Simpsons when the tooth grew?
See there's Lisa - pretending to be me - trying to find out what in the heck is in there! I'm personally thinking it's some sort of vegemite sandwich, could be some biscuits though - have any of your kids, brothers - and now - sisters, done this?
By the way - I do regularly clean Amber's room, but you know kids, if they don't want something found, they bury it!


Ashley said...

FISHSTICKS! I'd drag that bag to a lab and demand to know what's growing in there...in the interest of science of course!

Sarah said...

Oh yes my CSI overloaded brain totally agrees!

A Psych Mommy said...

I think the pink bag at least made it a tad bit less gross! I know my niece and nephew are constantly leaving little science experiments all through the house!

Tali G said...

Doesn't matter girl or boy you are going to find that stuff, the lunch they decided they didn't want to eat rotting on the bottom of their backpack!