What do Starwars, Princesses & The Easter Bunny Have In Common?

They all bring Easter Eggs - that's what! Yep, I saw these gorgeous little baskets on google images and knew I just had to make them. Problem was, the links to them are now empty. Originally you had to go to Starwars.com and just print the pattern out, cut them up and voila - instant cuteness, but alas I couldn't do that. So I did some more searching, came up with someones hacked version of Superman and printed out my own template. I then used up a bunch of scraps and created my own little Yoda & Chewi egg baskets:

As you can see they arn't very big - those are the tiny solid Red Tulip eggs - but you fit at least 10 eggs in each character! Jas and I are big fans of Star Wars - our first "date" was to go and see the Star Wars Trilogy at the cinema when they were re-released after being digitally remastered. Now we both watch the Clone Wars cartoon series every Saturday. Now because we also have a little princess in the house (who doesn't like Star Wars that much) she requested I make her Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - all I had was a picture to go from and the above template I mentioned. Here she is:

You can just make out the little tulle skirt in the photo, the white collar is also sparkly thanks to some Stickles. The crown was fashioned out of gold cardboard.

Well the creating didn't stop there - after Aurora was complete Amber then asked for a crown. She had been making things out of her craft book all afternoon, but wanted help with the crown (by now it was around 9.30pm!) So here is the finished crown (thank goodness I have an extensive stash of bits and pieces!)
The crown itself is made from gold cardboard, then I evenly placed waves and crosses (as per the instructions in the book), then I hot glued the cotton balls around the bottom, added some bling hearts (I just had enough of them - phew!) and then added the tissue paper to the inside. One little princess who wants to be queen (while you're living at home - I'm still the queen!)

And there you have it - my crafty weekend, now to do some scrapping!


Candace said...

How cute - to all of it!! Love those Easter baskets! I made some baskets of my own this weekend.

Ashley said...

Those are just too cute! I love the Yoda one! Rocks the galaxy, Yoda does!

Tali G said...

Those are awesome little egg boxes