Taking My Party Shoes Off...

Wow - what a day. Amber's birthday party was a roaring success!!! She had so much fun. We had a bowling party, complete with 2 games, balloons, lunch, cake & party bags - oh and then tokens to play on the arcade games! There were 11 girls and one boy all of whom had tons of fun, squeeling, laughing, dancing and doing a bit of bowling. Just after we started our games, they turned the lights down, pumped up the volume and had us all dancing to YMCA! Okay so most of us just sang along, but it looked so cool with the big screen down, music video playing and chaser lights flashing up the lanes. The kids actually started playing better saying that they could see the pins way down the end better - cause they glowed! There were quite a few more strikes once the lights dimmed! After the two games we opened presents and then started lunch - nuggets and chips all round! We also provided the cake - I nearly didn't get what I wanted, because he is so hard to find, but I managed to get Woolworths to make me a Spongebob cake. It turned out so nice! Sorry no cakewreck here! Amber was stoked, and I caught her surprise, because I had warned her that I might have to get a Princess cake because my efforts at finding themed party ware was very limited. Here are some photos of the fun we had:
Sophia and Amber all dressed up before we left.These were the party goers - there were a few that turned up a little late, and Amber's teacher was also there (just a little camera shy!)Amber bowling - at first she used the ramp, but after a while decided it was easier just to throw the ball. Amber was also beautifully colour co-ordinated with her bowling shoes! Her tiara is also hidden under her party hat (never give up being a princess just because you are bowling!)

There's that surprise I told you about - Amber just adores Spongebob! There are blue and yellow sprinkles around the side and blue and yellow icing all around the cake and picture.Daddy and Sophia keeping each other amused!

Sophia did so well during the party, she managed a nap and chatted and cooed at anyone who would listen! I caught her here as she was telling me something - she gets so excited and her little eyebrows go crazy as she tries to express herself.

Then after all the fun and excitement of Amber's party we got to go over to Kylie's for Bethany's first birthday - I can't believe a whole year has flown by! It was lovely watching her trying to walk, playing peek-a-boo with a box and taste the leaves in the backyard (a real little nature girl!) Amber and Chelsea got to play again before we had to head home and put both Sophia and Jason to bed (Jas had been up since the day before, as he was on night-shift last night!)

What a wonderful day of parties! Beautiful weather for it too. I'm off to rest now and enjoy the mess that is my living room.....


  1. Oh that cake did turn out cute! Never thought I'd be wishing for disaster cakes for my own kids birthdays (and yours!), LOL! The shot of your little gals together looking so cute is adorable. And love the one of daddy and sophia laughing at each other. Looks like a fun day. You done good mama!

  2. That is a wicked awesome looking cake! Glad the party turned out well! Sounded like it was a whole lot of fun!

  3. Hello just stopped by from a friends blog! Your kids are BEAUTIFUL!! Sophia's eyes are amazing! Looks like the party was a blast.

    I signed your follower list... it's fun over here! I hope you come by and visit and do the same... Have a great rest of your weekend!

  4. The cake is awesome. Glad to hear it was a great party, she looks very happy.

  5. Amber's party looks like it turned out amazing! I love your new header!


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