Rules I have broken...

PhotobucketOkay, so I'm a nervous nelly and tend to follow rules to stay out of trouble, but sometimes - well they're there to be bent a little...
For the Journalling & Blogging Challenge - #44 - What did I do?
*I was still on my Learners Permit and had to get Amber to and from Daycare - by myself. I don't know if it's the same in other countries, but in Australia you can't drive with a learners permit unless you are with another fully licensed person - I was 25 and got my license a few days later - I was also told I have a very nice driving style.
*I've been known to throw an apple core out the window of my car - into the bush, not the middle of the road and when no one else was around. I figured the ants would eat it!
*I have fed the seagulls at the beach.
*I have told a parent that their child threw a tantrum, swore or was upset while at daycare, because I think parents should be told the truth, not a coloured up version of events.
*I have been known to keep Sweeps inside at night when Jason is at work - she also gets to drink my left over milk from breakfast
*The day I came home from hospital after having Sophia, I walked around and did more that day, than the whole time I was in hospital (note: I had a c-section)
*I don't turn my mobile phone off at the movies, I put it on silent. I've never been rung once during a movie, but if I did I'd obviously leave the theatre to answer it - I just can't help but think, the one time I turn off my phone, something bad will happen and no one will be able to tell me.
*When I had Amber, the doctors and nurses were shocked that I was already married - in a small town it's a little rare ;) (I was 22)
Yep I'm pretty boring - nothing to see here!
Nope - hang on, I've been an accessory to rule-breaking. On one of my first outings with Jas (we weren't even dating then), me and a few friends were in a car that he was driving - his headlights were off (we were on a backroad, middle of nowhere) and the only light we had was that of a torch being held out the window! See this was why my mum & dad had warned me about boys!
Now where did I put my halo?.....

PhotobucketNow just to prove that my husband's driving has calmed down (well at least when I'm around), we were out driving a couple of days ago and had to go along a long stretch of roadworks. He had to slow down to 40kmph. This he did, and after a good while I was staring out the window at a whole bunch of workmen in the centre island (they were turning the road from 2 lanes into 4). Here they were waving and giving out "cheers" and "bravo" signs because we were going so slow and actually doing the speed limit - I turned around and saw that we had this massive convoy of cars, buses and trucks for at least a kilometre behind us! No one ever slows down through this stretch of road works, even I only slow down to 50kmph, but here was Jas being cheered on for doing the right thing!


Ashley said...

LOL! That road thing sounds really dangerous. I'd be scared out of my mind!

Katamommy said...

lol Those were awesome!

Tali G said...

In Canada the driving rules are the same. I wish my list was that simple.