Guess who loves their bath time? Sophia of course! You should see how excited she gets when I lay her on the towels next to her bath. I started bathing her in her baby bath on the table in the dining room, but then I discovered how easy it was to bath her in the laundry - it's sunny and warm, the bench is the perfect height, so no bending over, the shelves above hold all her baby products and I just need to empty the bath in the tub when I'm finished - no carting buckets of water! Sophia just loves to lie in her bath and look at the baskets above, she chats, sucks on her hands and kicks like mad when her toys get near her feet. Here is my latest layout of the fun we have (daddy is holding her in the photo)I chose yellow as a non-traditional water/bath colour because of the little ducky. I cut the scallops from a piece of pp, and trimmed the circular pp to go behind the photos. The bubbles I created myself by painting on different sized circles and then doodling around them - I'm so happy with the effect. Now since I'm all for recycling and using what I have, I had to get creative with my lettering - I have run out of a few popular letters and had to come up with some of my own - so - the "u's" are actually "n's", the "b's" are really "q's" and the "c" was an "o" - so get out their and recycle your letters and use your scraps! Then you'll have more room in your stash for all the wonderful new scrappy goodies you get when the craft fairs hit town!! (Shh don't tell Jas that though!)


  1. The layout is SO cute and darling! So sad that they aren't in that stage for too long! Enjoy it while it lasts! She is too cute as well!

  2. Love the bright yellow! Super cute layout!

  3. Absolutely love the layout


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