A little List

Okay, so here are some reminders for me - in no particular order:

Remember Earth Hour tonight - 8.30pm. Come on everyone, do your bit - we are!

Remember to take Inner Health Plus - fabulous stuff, if only I could remember it.

Photo of Jas & I before we headed out for dinner on our anniversary:

Finish double page layout - stop dragging your feet and get over your blah feeling (there's a fog in my head, probably moved there while I was studying over the past 2 days)

Posted off Candace's cupcake (with surprise inside) and the ATCs. I tried to remove all the pins in the cupcake because I was worred that when it goes through the xray machine it'll look like a good ol' fashioned nail bomb - not the best thing to send in the mail. The cupcake can be found here: http://papertree.blogspot.com/2009/02/something-sweet.html.

I have updated all my tags to the right, so you can now find all my Mini albums, Altered items, ATCs, Cards and Layouts with the click of your mouse! Go ahead, click away!

Think of something for dinner....hmm, can't wait to get my recipe cards in the mail!

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Ashley said...

LOL! Interesting list! Hope you remembered to take the pins out!