I could be Clark Kent for all you know!

Okay so funny thing is - Google is one of my best friends. If I have crafters block, Google images comes to the rescue. If I need pictures for assignments, look no further than Google, if Amber is looking for games to play, Google, if I want to know how to spell something, Google, if I'm bored and just want to blog hop or take a picturesque ride on the information super highway - Google. I've learned about so many things and found so many wonderful people online - it's no surprise then that I had to Google my name. So lets see what I am - I typed in my name (which some of you may or may not know is Sarah-Leigh - yep that should yield some interesting results!) So hold onto your hats, here we go:
I am: an artist of pet portraits, a handbag, a wedding singer, an actor, a photographer, a lawyer, a senior lecturer, a pin-up model (ha! try not to spit your coffee on your keyboard, it's quite funny seeing your own name plastered over some girl!), a dancer, a Contiki tourer, an author, a hospital - yes an actual hospital!, a scenic designer, an equestrian state champion, a street, a psychiatrist, a fashionista, an animal activist, an attorney, a paralegal and a geography teacher. Then I tried Google images - apart for millions of people I found a cute little donkey - her mum's name is Sarah-Leigh (yes and Amber can be just as stubborn too!)
So there you have it - and when I was a kid, I truly thought I was the only Sarah-Leigh!


Ashley said...

Pretty cool information that you found!

Kristen said...

Your blog layout is adorable!!

Tali G said...

Love the picture very cute. It is amazing how many things you can come up with when you type in your name.