Hairball Cattelloni For Lunch....

So Ellen started and I thought, Sophia is down for a nap so I might as well have lunch - what did I find but Sweeps resting on Amber's toast plate (Nemo themed) when I go to sit down in the lounge. What is it with cats and sitting on things?! If I read the paper Sweeps curls up in the middle so I can't turn the page or read something important under her bum. Then there's my scrapdesk - prime real estate for a 4 legged furball wrecking machine - she fusses everything, chews on a pencil, parks her butt on a pile of primas and then stretches out until everything else falls on the floor. Not content with that she does a mountain goat impersonation and tries to climb my shelves! I thought cats were suppossed to just lie about and do nothing all day - mine likes to play "door man" and sits at one door howling and plucking at the fly screen until she's let in, only to trot over to the back door and do the same to be let outside! I swear she thinks this is her personal Hilton Hotel! She's also started something new - if Sophia is crying for any reason, Sweeps will walk around the house crying too. She's actually learned that this is a good way of getting attention! I really do have a 10 year old fur kid in the house! I just thank gosh she doesn't have her own room full of toys to spread around the house - on second thoughts she has a whole house and she might not spread toys, she spreads fur! Humph!

Cattelloni with a side dish of whiskers perhaps? Here she is mid-nap on my desk:

This is the right side of my desk, just under the window (to the right) a prime napping spot, here she was stretching and trying to knock my books on the floor - great place to rest your butt! On the the trimmer!


  1. LOL! Sounds like your cat and my sister's beagle are from the same school of thought...take up as much space as possible in the most inconvinent of places. Very cute kitty though!

  2. Popped in from SITS! That's too funny!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your kitty!

  4. Thanks for that comment on my whining post! That meant so much to me. I love having bloggy friends because I consider them real friends unlike the ones I have in person. Thanks so much for the lifting of my spirits!!

  5. Awww so sweet and funny..

    I love cats - they're the best:)

    Thanks so much for stopping by - my daughter's name is also Sophia.

    You have a beautiful family.. stay in touch!


  6. That is quite funny! but cute!

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  8. Aww - sort of hard to stay mad with your cat when sprawled across your desk.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. she looks so comfy on that desk.

  10. Too Cute! Your cat sounds just like my Smokey, Man, she is in to every thing in my scraproom and will run off with ever piece of ribbon she can find. And yesterday, I got up and found 3 of my hand made flowers floating in her water bowl. Man, she puts every thing in that water bowl. She loves to play in the water.



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