Guess What Sophia Can Do?

Oh you'll never guess what my littlest princess can do - finally!

Ahh - stupid Blogger - Sophia is actually in her Jungle Gym lying down, not sitting up as it looks here. She has been trying so hard to find her thumb, and it's finally paid off! She's always been happy to suck her dad's little finger (right from day one) and more recently I've been able to calm her with mine, but now she's found her own!! Oh I love how they hold their little nose, Amber used to do the same thing.

Amber and I are also playing our new Wii game - Mario Kart. She's not feeling really well and has temperatures, so we are doing quiet things and staying out of the heat. I don't think Amber will be going to school tomorrow, you can even see she's not well in her eyes.

I've also finished my recipe cards, I just have to scan them and post them. I've been so busy this weekend working on them. I can't wait to get all the others now and fill my recipe box!


Ashley said...

Oh Mario Kart! Sounds like fun!

Tali G said...

She is adorable, and as cute as it is I hope you don't have the same problem I do....mine will be 5 in May and still has that thumb in his mouth most of the time.