For the observant....

When I'm out an about I tend to observe the people around me - no I don't stare, just casually watch everyone going about their daily business - today I learned about irony.

I saw a man with his arm in a cast, wave it around until it connected with his son's butt and then waved in the kids face in a threatening manner, only to then turn around and ask the chemist girl for the strongest over the counter pain killer they had (!)

I also watched in the same chemist as a man who I'd just seen smoking out the side of BIG W (as I was on my way into the shops) buy some quit smoking gum (!)

Outside my house today sat a large truck with the sign - "Tree Lopping, we'll do the hard work for you!" - and beside the truck a workman resting on his fold-out chair. (!)

Getting baby poop on you and then finding out the water in the street has been turned off - AHHHHHH!!! Thank gosh for wet wipes and alcohol hand sanitizer!

There was also a lady with an overflowing trolley in the "15 items or less" lane at Woolworths, but that's nothing special - I do that all the time (ONLY KIDDING!!) I bet you've seen those women though!

Anything ironic happened to you lately? Oh and my word of the day is WIFE (you know how I've been finding the meanings to all these common place words that we all use) well this little corker arrived today in an email:
A husband thinks WIFE means - Without Information Fighting Everytime
A wife thinks WIFE means - With Idiot For Ever!!
I'll let you be the judge!

Oh and if none of that made you laugh, then this should - apon arriving home from school, Amber was the first to the door and yelled back at me "Mummy Jesus came to visit and he left his business card!" - Some wonderful church folk had been in the neighbourhood and left a pamphlet - see all the important people visit when I'm out!


Ashley said...

LOL! That's wicked funny! People do some strange things when you take the time to notice them.

Tali G said...

Too funny...irony is every where if you look for it.

Love what Amber said though that was a cute one.