Crafty Weekend...

As you know I've been busy studying lately and my favourite part of that is actually creating things! So I'm at a part in my latest module where I have to make some activities and create some puppets. So Amber and I sponge painted some chickens and then made little chick puppets. Now the sponge painting is still drying, and when dry will have feathers stuck to it, but the puppets I've been able to take pictures of:
All you need is: 1 wine glass (trace around the top and bottom for the body and head), heavy card, paddle pop sticks, felt, boggle eyes, something for a beak and feathers.
To make one chick use the glass to draw around on the card (note: to make as one stong body/head, overlap the small end of the traced glass with the bigger end of the traced glass to get the shape, then cut around lines as a whole - not two separate pieces). Using the same glass, trace around to make a felt circle for the body and a smaller one for the head (this time, cut the circles separately, it's easier for children to use and they learn about shapes). Tape the stick to the card. Glue the circles on the front and back, pop the heart in between the front felt and the card. Add eyes, beak and then feathers (as thick or thin as you like).
This would make a great Easter craft, you could even make felt easter eggs, a box with straw for the chick to live or a felt egg for it to hatch out of. Who knows where your chicks might venture?!
Oh and I thought of names for my chicks: BROOKE, CLARK & because they are chicks - MICHELLE - as in "where's m'shell?"


  1. This is such a cute craft!

    Joy <--stopping by from SITS :o)

  2. Those are too cute! Hm...wonder if I can make those with my Daisy Scouts.

  3. How cute! What a great project!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! The birds are adorable!

  5. okay I realized I used my other e-mail account & there is no blog attached to it so you wouldn't know which blog you stopped by! haha :)


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