How much can a koala bear?...

Well you probably have already heard about the bushfires in Victoria, Australia. Thankfully I am well away from them - I live in Queensland. That doesn't mean that we are unaffected though. To see what all those people have had to endure, losing everything - the clothes off their backs, their pets, houses everything. I have heard of one couple that were found holding onto their dog, they had perished in the fire. It's just so sad. Everyone has rallied around though and there are literally dozens of trucks and trains heading to Victoria with supplies, clothing, furniture - anything to help these people in need. There are also the animals that have been lost in this horrific disaster - our wildlife. They didn't stand a chance. You may have seen Sam on TV? If not, here she is:

The man in the photo is firefighter David Tree - he saw Sam trying to crawl through the ashen trees. He called to her and then to one of his team mates to grab a bottle of water. She just sat there and drank it! Sam has very bad burns to her little feet but is doing well now. Sam is one of only a few dozen animals that have managed to survive this awful disaster - and sadly it wasn't lit by lightning as first thought. It looks like arsonists have lit the fires. Here are some more photos that I've received on email:

A whole town gone

It's just so hard to believe that we have these fires raging uncontrollably down in Victoria, and the top half of Queensland is underwater because of endless rain!

Right now I'm just thankful for what I have - because there are so many people in this country that now have nothing. Nothing but prayers, hugs and the hope that the people that did this will be caught.


  1. This is such a tragedy, absolutely awful...

  2. Ok...first, that fire was an absolute tragedy. Second, I lurve that little koala bear!

  3. Wow, that is so tragic. I cannot even imagine having to endure that. I cannot even believe that people could actually be the cause of these fires, although I am not sure why I still maintain faith in humanity. Most of the time, it's so not worth it. Sorry, didn't mean to rant, I just got a little angry at the thought.

    Totally keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I can't believe someone would set the fires on purpose. It is so tragic.

  5. They are all in my hearts and prayers. It is so sad and devastating!

  6. Its so sad to think how many people and animals lost their homes! Its so sad, but I am thankful that there are so many wonderful people out there to help out! Its beautiful to see what people in the world can do to help a stanger out!


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