Off to daycare...

Okay before anyone has a heart-attack - we only went for a visit. I work in daycare and have been wanting to visit the girls for some time and finally today I decided we would go. Sophia was happy and fed, so off we went! She loved looking around at all the lights and the kids just adored her - they all asked lots of questions and were amazed that my tummy had dissappeared and that Santa had given me a baby for Christmas! My kids that I look after are around 2-2.5 years old so they thought she was a cute little doll! Here's Sophia before we left:Yep she's starting to chat - lots of grunts, sighs and other funny sounds! Sophia was playing with her new sheep that was given to her by one of the boys out where Jas works - it's from New Zealand, is really soft and baas. After daycare we went to the shops so Amber could spend her nanna-money (it was burning a hole in her pocket!), I also spent some of the day just doing stuff with Amber like playing board games, watching TV and reading - it was really nice.

I also want to give a big thankyou to Candace ( my award!!
Thanks honey! I think your blog is fabulous too! Now as part of this award I have to list my five addictions:
1. Scrapbooking
2. Altering things
3. Reading (and collecting books)
4. Twilight (I *heart* Edward Cullen!)
5. My girls (Amber & Sophia) - woohoo I love saying that!

Oh and then I get to award 5 blogs that I think are fabulous:
Trisha -
Jennifer -
Ria -
Ashley -
Nicole -
You are all such wonderfully inspirational people, and I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to meet you all xo


Trisha said...

Aww thanks Sarah! Your little one is SO cute!!! I know she is a joy!

Jennifer Priest said...

OMG she is soooooo adorable!!!!! Thanks for the award too!!

Ashley said...

Those pictures are so cute! Thanks for the award! It's the first one my blog's gotten!

Scraphappynicole said...

Thanks so much! Your the sweetest! I am thrilled to have met you and created such a friendship! lots of love xoxo

Lily said...

she's just precious. I;m glad she enjoyed her daycare visit. Oh, and I didn't realize your tummy was supposed to disappear after having a baby!

Candace said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day Sarah! I'm sure it was great for your co-workers to see sweet little Sophia!

Mommy2Liam said...

awwww those pictures are adorable!