Angel spotting...

I saw an angel this morning:

She has bright sparkly eyes, littly chubby legs - and if you're really lucky she'll smile at you!

I got the idea for the paper scrolls on the left from a layout I saw on 2Peas. I created them by rolling paper around a pencil, then pulled the pencil out and rolled the paper tighter and used my hot glue gun to keep them that way. I used my hot glue gun again to fix them to the paper (not photo) I created this butterfly, and used the negative heart shapes from my ATCs. I have doodled around the photo and hearts and added Stickles to one of the hearts and put some on the scrolls. Here are some close-ups:
All I used was scraps for these scrolls and then cut them at different lengths as I went along, positioning them where I wanted. Once they were all in line I then glued them down one at a time.This is the butterfly - I have made a tutorial for this on my blog. You can just make out the Stickles I added to the heart (inside the cut out heart) and the doodling.
This is the closeup of the wings - they are stickers that I found at Riot. They are only sticky at the ends of the wings and the rest is raised to look more real. They have little fold lines in them so you can angle them how you want.


  1. TOTALLY cute! I adore the photo and love the paper scroll idea!

  2. I love those paper scrolls, Sarah! Beautiful layout!

  3. WOAH! That is one awesome layout!

  4. Fantastic LO! I love those rolls of paper!


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