Welcome home Sophia Renae!

We are home! Sophia Renae was born on the 9th of December at 9.35am by C-section. Everything went perfectly and we are now recovered and home at last! Sophia is such a sweet bub - she is the most content when she's had a full meal, and will either fall asleep or stay up and look around making funny facial expressions or waving her hands and fingers at everything. I am so completely in love with her and can't believe that Amber was once that small. Amber is also loving having us all home and fusses over her little sister every chance she gets - she's always asking for cuddles - which Sophia loves, she's my little cuddle-bug! Here are some photos:
Jason, Sophia and I at the hospital just before we were discharged this-morning
Jason holding Sophia with Amber in the background - cheeky monkey!
Sophia's final weigh-in before we left the hospital - she only lost 5gm since birth
Snuggled in her pram for the walk to the car from our hospital roomAll strapped into her carseat - Sophia makes herself at home and kicks of her booties!


danica said...

Sophia is beautiful, and what a proud big sis Amber must be! Welcome to the world Sophia!

Lily said...

awww, congrats. What a sweet little peanut