Making up for lost time...

Boy have we been busy today! This morning we all ventured out to get our Santa photo. We must have waited for around 1/2 and hour before finally getting to speak to the red man himself, Amber busied herself searching the toy shelves near Santa Land for toys that she might like and Sophia slept in her pram. When we finally got to Santa he told us that Sophia is the second youngest baby he's met this year! She continued sleeping in his arms completely oblivious to all that was going on around her. Amber happily chatted about Biscuit the dog that she "has" to have. The girls then had their photo taken and were given a keyring each - Amber also got a set of reindeer ears.

After the photo we all had lunch in the food court - this was turning into mine and Sophia's biggest outing since she arrived! We headed home after that and I helped Amber bake rainbow cupcakes. While they were cooling we watched some cricket and then decided we might go and do the shopping after Sophia's next bottle. We had a nice walk around the shops and then upon leaving Amber asked if she could use one of those claw games. You know the ones you put money in and move the giant claw and try and pick up a toy - personally I think they are a waste of money and tried to explain this to her. Well it didn't work, Amber put her dollar in and would you believe the first toy she grabbed she picked up and dropped down the chute! So much for that learning exercise!
Okay and now for the next installment of adorable cuteness:

Mum took this photo of Sophia sleeping on her little hands on my shoulder, just as the flash went off, Sophia lifted her head and let out the loudest burp! It cracked us both up!

And this was just after Sophia's bath - she loves floating around in the warm water and hates getting out. As soon as she's dressed again she's happy.

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Candace said...

Sophia is gorgeous! The Santa picture is so cute. I was thinking, Santa's probably not used to holding babies that tiny and then I read about her being the 2nd youngest. I hope Amber gets what she wished for!