Couldn't wait!..

Okay so I couldn't wait - I made a new banner for my blog, since it's nearly the new year and all. I just love all the owls I'm seeing through scrapbooking at the moment so I had to make one. I saw this little owl on several different layouts but I'm not sure if it was a stamp or premade paper piecing - I made the one in my banner from scratch though. I'll keep searching for the original maker though and post who it is when I find it.

I also wanted to post a little something I made a friend - Noelle - whom I met online through She's one of the Sassy Blinging Babes and has needed lots of hugs and prayers recently. I really hope she liked my gift - we were all to find a blue flower to send to her, which would then become one of a whole bunch. Due to just coming out of hospital I wasn't able to get down town to find a blue flower, but I did have a bloom in my basket. Then I had to come up with an idea that would be useful - this is what I made:
On the front is a quote, some bling and a horse shoe for good luckOn the back is my message and a magnet so that Noelle can put this on her fridge and be reminded of the quote when ever she sees it.


Chelle said...

LOVE the new banner. It's *so* cute!
Noelle's tag/flower is beautiful, you did a great job :)

Candace said...

I love your new banner! I, too, am loving all the owls. Noelle's flower is beautiful. I love the idea of hanging it on the fridge...perfect!