Time warp...

Okay are you ready for a laugh? Well Dawn over at SB.com told us Blinging Babes about a great site called yearbookyourself.com where you can upload a picture of yourself and be transported back to a time when big glasses and bouffants were all the rage! Here are my results:What I find most interesting is how much I look like my mum in the 1964 photo!! She swears she never wore glasses like that though. I have an uncanny similarity to Mrs Kravitz from Bewitched in the 1960's photo and Amber is in the 1962 photo complete with her own fringe and gappy smile! She just had to join in the fun - my mum says she did sport the flipped out style of hair in the 1968 photo though. How cool is that (I just love this era!)

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  1. you look fabulous dahling! Love this site. I just did myself and posted on my blog a few days ago


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