A stitch in time...

I completed another project today - I'm on a roll! I've been wanting to get these quilts done for some time now, but never found the time. Well, today I found the time (very elusive that Father Time is!) Here's what I did:
Okay so Blogger has had a brain-fart again and can't upload it's pictures properly. But you get the idea. I can't even edit them in my Picassa album - stupid tech heads need to update their software so it actually works! Each little quilt measures 30 x 30 cm (12x12 inches) and cost me nothing to make - I used up scraps I've gathered from all my other quilts. The zig-zag and coloured scallop stitch are from my sewing maching, all other straight and blanket stitch is done by me.


Ria said...

You are really a truly gifted, talented person Sarah! Wow! I am a fan!!!!! The quilt is so beautiful and I am having fun looking at it. I wish I can sew like you do and have the creative juices flowing like a river... mine's more of a pond only when it comes to being creative. hahahaa.

Btw, I know you're already almost due to deliver but I thought about you and offer you this wonderful poem here:


Hugs and regards. Keep making great stuff!

Candace said...

These are beautiful, Sarah!