A nice quiet day...

Well today I caught our little one on camera with the hiccups! Amber even got to feel her sister - finally. She's a bit of a shy one our tiny princess, every time I call Jas or Amber to come and feel her kicks she goes really quiet! But when she has the hiccups - there's no hiding!

Amber and I also baked M&M cookies, I got some paperwork done - I only have 4 days left of work before maternity leave so I'm down to the wire. Most people would just leave all the work for the next person, but not me. I have programs 2-3 weeks in advance for the next group leader. There's a relief person covering my position for a week before the permanent group leader moves in and I don't want her to have to worry about anything for the week that she's there. Considering she'll be on her own most days - that will be scary enough for her, without all the paperwork too! I have another work farewell/babyshower on Friday for the parents to participate and then my formal babyshower with friends and family on Saturday. I just hope I have the energy to get through the week!

I also got my Australia Zoo photos printed in the hopes that I would scrap them this weekend. Well I may have time tonight, so watch this space! Oh and before I forget, Amber lost another tooth lastnight! In her own words "I was like, what is that funny feeling, so I went to the bathroom, held onto my tooth and went "yank" and I was like wow! it came out! Then I held it real tight in my hand and came out to tell you." The tooth fairy left $1.50 under her pillow which prompted a raid on her money box to find out just how rich she is. Turns out Amber has $50 in loose change and now it's burning a hole in her pocket! I'm off to try and get some scrapping done while there's still natural light out!

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Lily said...

you must be getting so excited!