It's raining cats and dogs...

PhotobucketIt's been so hot for the past 3 days that I hoped and prayed that we would get the forcast storm today- and we did. We got heavy rain, army green clouds, pink lightning and thunder so loud it could scare the Stickles off your layout! It's sure helped cool things down, that's for sure. So we've all spent the afternoon lazying around watching tv, playing card games and listening to the storm.

PhotobucketJas was supposed to go deep sea fishing tomorrow, but it's been cancelled due to high winds - so now he can help me clean the house! He's also been busy trying to get the outside of the office finished (we still have to paint)

PhotobucketAmber has been busy this weekend drawing in her books and playing on the computer. She loves to draw and will sit and draw pictures of things she sees on the TV.

PhotobucketBub is not slowing down at all despite the lack of room - last night she was up for 2 hours - part of which I was trying to get to sleep. When I'm on the computer she seems to sit there and kick the heck out of my ribs for fun! I'm deffinately over being an oven and would much rather have her outside kicking up a storm and being able to take her for walks in her pram in the evenings - because the weather is just beautiful in the evening at the moment! Unfortunately I can't walk far at all at the moment because bub sits on one side of my tummy causing awful pains when I do go for a walk - today she pinched a nerve in my thigh and I had to limp around the shops. I feel like I'm falling apart.

PhotobucketOther than that I'm fine - resting lots, scrapping a bit and catching up on a lot of things. It's supposed to be raining for the rest of the week, so hopefully it'll be much cooler and I can do some more scrapping and feel a bit more awake - the heat just zaps my energy!


Candace said...

Yay!! I can finally see your blog! I was so disappointed because for some time I wasn't able to see it but I tried today and it worked! Now I've got to get all caught up on your blog.

lenno_cornish said...

It's great that hot weather is interrupted by heavy rain. After that it's such a pleasure to do out and feel the smell of the rain.