Award Ceremony!

I have just visited my friend Ria's blog (, and look what she's given me!

Thankyou so much Ria - I sometimes wonder if I'm a good mum, I work all the time and find it hard to balance everything. I'm always hoping that I'm doing the very best I can for Amber. Thank you for the recognition xoxo

And because I've been so busy lately - Ria also gave me another wonderful award a few weeks back:
And I'm finally putting it on my blog (smacks hand!) Thanks so much Ria - I will have to make some awards, there are so many wonderful blogs out there that I learn and gain inspiration from!

Amber also received an award at school last Friday:
Amber had no idea she was going to receive this award, so it was a nice surprise for her!


Ria said... deserve them! Hugs and kisses...and safe delivery too soon =)

Lily said...

congrats on the awards...and on he store opening