I found out yesterday that the girls at work were having a morning tea - farewell for me at a local cafe. I thought it was such a nice thing for them to do considering normally when we have farewells and birthdays we usually just cram all the kids into the foyer and sing songs and do speeches. Well wasn't I surprised when I turned up and found pink and red balloons everywhere and a giant banner saying "Miss Sarah's Baby Shower", I totally didn't see it coming!!! We had a lovely brunch, played games like "don't say the word baby" and "smell the nappy" - honestly the people around us must have thought we were all mad! Then the presents came out. I have never felt more spoiled! I have only been at my centre for just under a year but they have shown such generosity and I'm truly going to miss them when I leave. I have vowed to be back often though - and they have asked me back after maternity leave. Here is what I got:

You would not believe what they fit into those two baskets!

Isn't it amazing! I am so thankful to have found such wonderful friends. Don't you love that they put in some scrapbook magazines too! There are so many different little outfits, tons of bibs, lotions, soaps and gadgets! To think I was going to go shopping for all this sort of stuff and Jas told me to wait for my shower! My other baby shower is being held in November - so I get two!

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