Sunday Summary...

So I'm going to start something new - each Sunday I'm going to do a recap of all that's happened over the past week, instead of just photos of things we have made or done. So here goes:

Has finished the cornicing in the new office and has started back at gym. He was also taken out to the movies today for Father's Day - we saw Clone Wars. I have to admit I had a Nana Nap half way through (but I'm not feeling 100% at the moment anyway). Jas also got a big picture book of Clone Wars (not like a kids book, it's a huge book with all the details of each character, planet, space ship, droid, rock, nut & bolt)

Attended the spring fair yesterday. It was held at her school and she had Speech & Drama and Dancing. Very dissapointing the fair was, Amber was most upset at missing the whole thing. We sat in the audience waiting for her performances while she sat out the back with her group for 2 HOURS!! The organization skills of these people are unforgivable. We thought we would do the performaces and then go and play on the rides and do activities after, but no, they left the performances until well after the fair closed and Amber pretty much missed everything! As I'm likely to explode at any given moment due to hormones, I ranted to the girls doing the pony rides (and they in turn had their rant about how they've been undercut by the school and now the school doesn't want to pay up!) and they game Amber a free ride! I was so grateful to them, as this was the one major ride Amber desperately wanted. She also managed to complete a sand art activity in record time before we left. We are now pulling Amber out of S&D and Dancing and looking at another company.

I've had an interesting week that included a trip to hospital one rainy night at 10.30pm! I'd had a huge headache for 2 days that nothing would get rid of, so I rang the hospital to ask them about it. I had also thrown up a few times. So they called me in to get my BP checked. Thankfully it was perfect (according to the midwife) to me though it was actually low (compared to all my other BP checks) and they said I was really dehydrated and needed to rest and drink lots. I still went to work the next day, on auto-pilot, throwing up and had my brain in a fuzz...Hmmm hope this doesn't last too much longer or I'll be leaving work much earlier than expected. Yesterday we also had our 3D & 4D scans. They were absolutely terrific - the scans and the people there! I had so much fun, and getting so see bub actually kicking me, tucking her knees up to her little face and burying her nose in was just soo cool! Bub has the most adorable little button nose, the cutest little feet and hands and would you believe we caught her holding her umbilical cord while sucking her thumb! She's soo cute I want to meet her now! I want Christmas! Here are some of my fav pics:
First pic is of bub's face, she kept waving her little hand infront. The second pic is of bub playing with her umbilical cord and sucking her thumb. See her little knees, and that gorgeous little wrist and fingers!
The third photo is how bub looked for the entire scan, tucked up with her nose between her knees and her hands tucked around her little legs. The fourth pic is of bubby's cute little tooties! She's actually kicking herself in the nose - a funny change from kicking me! Can you see her little ankle bone? I'm just amazed at the clarity of the photos, and just love that I have a face to put to all that kicking, flipping and general swimming around! I just can't wait to kiss that little nose and play with those little toes!!!
So there you have our week - Sweeps also managed to lose her collar and is now happily walking around nude - she likes to creep up on me when I'm sleeping cause she doesn't have a bell! She only had that collar a couple of days, and it had some pretty bling on it too! Okay I'm off to make Father's Day dinner...


Scraphappynicole said...

Hope your feeling better!!! I am sorry you have been having such bad headaches. That really is the worst cause you can't do anything to get them away! Good thing you went though to be safe and your BP was ok. I am thinking of you. Give that belly a rub for me. (((HUGS))) Nicole

moxylyn said...

This blog is unbelievably beautiful. So cool how they can do the 3D 4D scans now. They didn't have that when I had my boys. Hope your feeling better!

Candace said...

Sarah, I just love your new background. So cute!!

Lily said...

Thanks for the updates. those us pics are amazing. Wish they had those when I was pg