Busy Bees...

Sunday Summary:
Jason - Has got the office up to painting readiness - all the sanding has been completed and the walls have all been sugar soaped. Yay for no more dust in the house!! Jas has also been at work.

Amber - Completed her two days at camp. Jas helped out for the two days and then Amber had a sleep-over in her classroom. She was very excited for camp to arrive as there were tons of activities, a bonfire, night walk and just basically running around like a ninny for two days - with the help of her dad. Piglet also went along for the ride. Amber is now on school holidays for two weeks - god help her dad!

Sarah - well it's work as usual. I am now on my own 3 days a week in my room. Thanks to (insert name of company here) deciding that it's easier to cut staff hours than pay them. So my work load has increased a whole lot more, but it's only for a few more weeks then I drop a day in readiness to leave. I'm still not allowed to tell my parents that I'm leaving, my director has decided that it will only freak them out and she doesn't know what to tell them about who is replacing me. Then my 2IC drops the bombshell that she's pregnant - 7 weeks. All the parents know because she has had to move rooms. So it's okay for one but not the other. Hmm
Anyway, I believe nesting kicked in yesterday. I went nuts and cleaned the house from top to bottom. It had to be spotless. I'm still not completely happy with it but unfortunatly my bones have other ideas and I can barely walk today! So I resigned myself to scrapping (oh poor me!). Here is my first layout:

Meet Brooke - one of the chicks we had at daycare. Isn't she a cutie! Even the photo lab lady thought so.

The title is actually silver and glittery, and you can pull on the little eggs to reveal more photos of "Brooke's" brothers and sisters.

I also managed a two pager on the Ekka. I haven't scanned it yet. So watch this space.

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Lily said...

thanks for the update. crazy stuff at work! Love that layout