I've been on an expedit....

No I didn't spell it wrong - any scrapper worth their patterned paper knows I've been to Ikea and bought one of the best storage shelves ever! I have wanted one of these for ages.

Oh it's marvelous! Those cubes fit 12x12 anything in perfectly!!! We've also picked out the tables and sofa bed that'll be going in the room as well. Now I have to wait a whole week for the carpet to get laid so we can go and get it all! Now for a picture of the office so far:

Oh the fresh paint smell! We now also have net curtains up, and I've tried out one of the shelves by lining up all my mini albums! All those cables are for the internet and will be finished sometime on Tuesday. We also would have had the shelving finished but Mitre 10 Mega didn't stock enough brackets or shelving rods - so who knows when we'll get them (No where else in Brisbane sells the same size - how stupid is that!) I can't wait to move in!
Other updates:
Amber has gone to Gramma's house - so it's pretty quiet, the remote is ours again, the house is staying tidy (very weird), and I went shopping and only bought things that I actually need (as opposed to shopping with Amber and getting all sorts of wonderful things!) It's going to be a very quiet week!
Jas is nearing the business end of the office reno. We just have to play the waiting game on the carpet before doing anything else.
As for me - I've enjoyed my weekend of doing pretty much nothing - I finish my last full week this coming week before cutting back to 4 days. I also have fortnightly OB appointments now. Bub is very active now and will kick back if I poke her. I can't believe 7 months have passed already. It's been a wonderfully relaxing weekend with mum & dad visiting. I don't want to go back to work tomorrow :(


Jennifer Priest said...

Oooh how fun! Gotta love Ikea. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Lily said...

ikea totally rocks.