Busy day ahead...

Well I have so much to get done today: posting ATC's, OB appointment, scrap Lollipop photos, clean car and gosh knows what else I will come up with - and I still can barely walk. Looks like it's time to use some hard stuff - Panadol.

Any-who here is the layout I promised:
I haven't done a two-pager in ages! The title is raised on 3D foam tape. I added the balloons because there are always stray floating balloons at the show. There is also fast food stickers, and the paper around the ferris wheel comes with the scallops and reminded me of the ferris wheel itself. I also chose the squiggly paper in the background because it reminds me of all the walking you do at the Ekka (all around, all over the place, and usually the same place many times over). I downloaded the map from the actual Ekka website.

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Lily said...

wonderful two pager. Take care of yourself...don't over do it!