Update on the reno...

I haven't posted pics for a while - in fact I keep forgetting to take them (smacks hand). Here are a couple. The first shows the ladder that I was (*ahem*) climbing, to help Jas hold up the new eaves.

Thankfully now this is completed the new office doesn't feel like a walk in fridge at night! The second photo was take of the opposite side of this wall. Jas has started gyprocking the interior, you can also see the pink bats that he's putting in. This really helps to drown out any humming you can hear through the wall from the split-system (seen above)

It would be so handy if we could actually turn on the fan-light - this photo was taken at night with the flash on my camera. You can see where all our power points are going to be. Jas informs me this is "his end" of the office. You can just see our pocket door to the right and a bit of one of the windows on the left. All the blue cables are for internet - I swear our house is going to glow when it's all hooked up. We'll be able to use the internet in every room of the house! Jas has been so busy with this project - I think he goes to work just to sit and do nothing! He needs a rest! It's really starting to feel like a room now! I can't wait to paint (it's okay mum, I'll paint the LOW areas, with the windows open and the fan on!)

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