Olympic Fever...

Well tomorrow at work we have a "dress up as your favourite story book character", and a "mini olympics day". Me and another group leader thought it would be fun to host our own Olympics especially for the kids we will be having: an opening ceremony, torch relay (photos coming of them), 10 meter dash, egg and spoon race, high beam, tri-cycling, ribbon dancing and some long jump! it's going to be a blast. As for dressing up - I think I'm going as a Fairy Godmother (Amber has plenty of wings and wands!). As for the medals, I just finished them:Every one wins gold!! There are 18 of them - they were all cut from Gold cardboard using CM circle cutters, then I created the pictures using Clipart and Olympic Rings I found through Google Images. I then cut them up using the CM oval cutter and then ran them through my Xyron (wonderful little machine!) I used 6m of yellow ribbon at 68cm lengths. You can now make your own!!

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