Oh I've been tagged!

My two wonderful online friends have tagged me! I even get a cute little logo!So I got tagged by Jennifer at http://jenniferpriest.blogspot.com/ and Trisha (Delisha) at http://luvjones78.blogspot.com/, they are two wonderfully talented women whom I have had the pleasure of getting to know through SB.com. I would love to meet them both!
So I have to tell you 7 random facts about me:
1. When I hang my clothes in my wardrobe they have to be facing the same way, and they have to face to the centre of the wardrobe
2. Our newest Princess is due on the exact date that we lost our last bub (17th December)
3. I love BBQ chips & M&M's - together - and no it's not a weird pregnancy thing
4. I love doing the housework when it's raining outside!
5. I can't ask for help - I have so much trouble with this, even while I'm studying. I just have to find the answer for myself (It really peeves dh off!)
6. I didn't learn to drive until I was about 25 - I really thought everyone was born with the ability to just be able to do it! (Again that whole "asking for help" thing comes into play!)
7. I also don't drink coffee or tea - as a kid I just thought it was something you did when you got older (guess I'll be young forever!)
Now for someone to tag:
and there will be couple more - I'm on my laptop (wireless baby!) and don't have all my favourites like on the main computer (don't you love multi-tasking, I can watch TV, blog and surf the net all at the same time!)


Ria said...

Thanks for remembering me Sarah! I'll be doing this tag this coming Friday...Cheers!!!

And oh, those chickies are so cute!

Lily said...

Thanks for the super fun facts. Oddly enough. I like to mix my chips and m & m's also. But I like doritos and dark chocolate M &m's

Ria said...

Sarah dear....posted already and still thankful! Btw, love your layout and background...