More Piccy's of the Chiccy's

Well the chicks are with us for another week - they're all hatched now, we even got twins! A little black chick and a yellow chick! Here are some photos:
Some of these guys have the funniest personalities - there is one chick who loves the Peep-erazzi, he's always sticking his head up when the camera is around, the chicks also have a habit of falling asleep standing up! In the middle photo a bunch of chicks are digging their way to gosh knows where - they were flicking wood shavings into their food and water! The bigger chicks also have an attitude now and prefer to peck your fingers rather than be cute - so I only pick up the tiny "just hatched" ones, they're easy to sneak up on. All these little cuties are off to new families at the end of the week. Amber has already asked Jas for one, she says she going to keep it warm by keeping it under her bedside lamp. When asked what she's going to do with it when it get's big (I honestly thought she would say something like "I'll collect eggs") I got this answer "we'll have a roast", she is so much like her dad!?!?! I refuse to think of my little "Brooke" as a drumstick!!! Moving along - here's a photo of the new office:
Okay now it looks a little warped because I stood in the door way and took about 8 photos from left to right. The blue squares are our make-shift curtains, they keep in the heat at night instead of it escaping out the windows. Again this photo was taken at night so it's all lit up from the flash. It's so bright in here now that the walls are gyprocked! You can also see all the power points we are going to have!


Jennifer Priest said...

I tagged you on my blog!

Trisha said...

Girl I tagged you too! LOL!

Lily said...

how cute. thanks for sharing those chick pics, I showed my daughter now she won't leave me alone about getting her own. I'm pretty sure it's against our home owners policy! The new office looks great. i'm so jealous