Mail for me!!!

Okay so I've completely given up on the postal system. To cut a very long, upsetting story short (plus a few choice words) I will not be getting my circle journal back. Over a year ago my good friend Trisha started my wonderful journey into the world of Circle Journals. I was so excited, I made my little album, complete with it's own passport that you stamp and fill out. Each person in the "circle" then adds their own pages on the theme that I had chosen "Friends are flowers that you pick in the garden of life". Well unfortunately a few of the members chose to follow their own rules and instead of sending out the journals on allocated days, they were either late sending them or sent them as soon as they were finished with them. This caused several members to end up with 2 or 3 circle journals in their possession. Now we have one journal that is MIA, we have no idea who has it or where it is, and my poor little journal is in limbo. We are unsure at the moment whether the person just didn't send it (as she messaged me about 3 months ago that she did), or if she still has it and can't be bothered. Unfortunately she is impossible to get hold of, won't return any of my messages and has since dissappeared from our group. So my little journal, with passport, did travel, she just won't be coming home.....

But the good news is, apparently the postal system is still working, and I got my first RAK! I won the Christmas in July layout competition at! And sitting in my little mailbox yesterday was this:
Woohoo! I am soo happy. It's a little stamp - my first clear stamp. Now I just need an acrylic block so I can use it. Thanks Jerusha!! The layout that won me this little prize was:
Just click on it and it will take you to my scrapping gallery over at


  1. Girl, don't get me started on the cj thing....what a nightmare. Congrats on the win. Love the layout

  2. Sorry to hear about your circle journal....that is one reason that has kept me from participating in one. your winning LO is awesome!!! Congratulations on winning!!!!

  3. That is why I am scared to do circle journals! Cute little stamp! Congrats again on winning!


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